Armstrong Rider Photography provides still photography services to the motorsport community, mostly covering state level motorsport in NSW but also selected national events held within the state.


My aim as a photographer is to continually learn and improve so that I can provide my clients with a range of creative, original, different and alternative images to the community at a reasonable price. I regard myself as one of the top photographers that covers every round of the MA NSW Motor Race Championship and MRA State Championship events.


Established in 2019 as Armstrong & Rider Photography Services Campbell Armstrong Rider rebranded his photography business in 2022 as Armstrong Rider Photography (ARP). However, Campbell as a photographer started much earlier than 2019 and has been around the track for many years.


CAR_7997Masie Place.


ARP works with Track Day Club as their official photographer and has worked with the Formula Vee Association of NSW, the Manly Warringah Sporting Car Club and has produced 2 calendars for the RX8 Cup Series as well as others.


The bulk of ARP’s work is direct client work with race teams and drivers providing images to promote their team/brand, for social media, to promote and gain sponsors and to fulfill sponsor obligations.


ARP is continually looking for new clients and hopes to bring on new ones in 2022 including the fantastic clubs and series that make up our motorsport community in NSW.

ARP’s images are available for purchase to Categories, Teams, Drivers, Family Members and Fans. If you like it you can buy it!

Detailed pricing and image rights information

Please contact me with any questions and enquires, [email protected] or via Facebook.

All events are attended with media accreditation through the racetrack or event organiser.

Motorsport Australia Media accredited - AASA Media accredited

Current and valid Working With Children check/number


Contact information:  [email protected]




Individual Photo sales ($10 each)

Photos for teams and drivers, $80 per car (Min 10 images) - please contact Campbell before the event, a minimum of 10 different images will be provided, on average we supply up to 15 different images. Images are usually taken from 4 different locations, a different location for each session with multiple images captured at each.

Photography services for racing categories and series, $220-$265 (~50 images), per event.

Club events $400-$450 (200+ photos).

Photo shoots for new sponsor and team launches, great for launching a new livery and can be taken at an event or off site at another location.

We sell to drivers, teams, categories and race fans (If you like it, you can buy it)

Detailed pricing and image rights information



We cover all rounds of the NSW Motor Race Championship (SMSP/WP),  HSRCA events (SMSP), MRA (SMSP/WP) and other events held at Sydney Motorsport Park like The Sydney Master Blast and Australian Production Car Nationals.


Planned events 2022

Date Event Location
January 28-29 HSRCA New Year Historic's WP
February 5 MRA Rd 1 SMSP
February 19-20 Wakefield 300 WP
February 26-27 NSW Motor Race Championship Rd 1 WP
March 5 Track Day Club Pheasant Wood
March 26 MRA Rd 2 SMSP
April 9-10 NSW Motor Race Championship Rd 2 SMSP
April 15-17 Bathurst 6hr Bathurst
May 7-8 MRA Rd3 WP
May 14-15 NSW Motor Race Championship Rd 3 WP
June 5 MRA Rd 4 SMSP

June 11-12

HSRCA Sydney Classic SMSP

June 25

NSW Motor Race Championship Rd 4 Day/Night SMSP

July 23


August 6-7

NSW Motor Race Championship Rd 5 SMSP
August 27-28 MRA Rd 6 - Confirmed WP

September 3-4

Sydney Master Blast SMSP
September 10-11 HSRCA Spring Festival - TBC WP
September 17-18 NSW Motor Race Championship Rd 6 WP
October 1-2 AMRS Rd 5 SMSP
October 15 MRA Rd 7 SMSP
October 29 NSW Motor Race Championship (AVAILABLE 1 day only) SMSP
November 12 MRA Rd 8 SMSP
November 19-20 WP Motor Race Series - TBC WP
December 3 HSRCA Summer Festival (Available 1 day only) SMSP




ARP currently shoots at Sydney Motorsport Park, Wakefield Park Raceway and Mt Panorama (Bathurst 6hr).