Pricing & licensing information


When purchasing 10 or more images from multiple events/albums please use the discount code  10FOR85 when paying for your images.

Ordering a photo package before an event provides you with the most images for the lowest price, it also guarantees that photos will be taken of your car and enables me to plan my day around you, my client.

Pricing on my website has been adjusted and increased due to new and increased fees introduced by Zenfolio in 2022.


Purpose Price Option
Less than 10 images $11.50 each Select $11.50 Digital Download
10 images, same race category/album $85 Select 10 Pack $85, photos need to come from the same album. Only 10 images can be selected. You will be re-directed and prompted to select 10 images.
$80 Photo Package $80

I take photos of your car for you and provide a minimum of 10 different photos from a race weekend.

The pack needs to be ordered before an event so I can make sure I take enough images of your car. Package is per car, 1 car is $80, 2 cars is $160 and so on. Photos can be supplied at the end of each day and in some circumstances during an event.

Please email or message on Facebook for more info and to order and also discuss your package and needs.

- [email protected]

Individual photos Interstate $13 Select $13.00 Interstate Download
Interstate Photo Package $105 Same as the $80 package but for events held outside of NSW.
10 or more images $8.50 each Select $10 digital download and use discount code 10FOR85 at the checkout, allowing you to apply the discount to photos from multiple albums/events.
Race category or series $265, ~ 50 images Please email us
Club events $450, ~200 images Please email us
2024 wall calendars TBC - September 2023 Details in September 2023

Detailed help for ordering images (Link)

All images are sold under a personal licence on this website, information on how you can use our images is below.


Image packs are available for $80, the package includes a minimum of 10 images, usually 15 images, and can be customised in terms of the locations and types of shots you would like. Images will be provided to you/your team throughout the event (Please email your interest to, [email protected]). Please contact Campbell before the race event, in most cases I will not have 10 images of your car, unless I am specifically shooting for you. It is also extremely helpful when I am planning for an event and applying for media accreditation.


Interstate image packs are available for events held outside of NSW for tracks such as Winton Raceway.


Zenfolio (website provider) allows payment with credit card and PayPal, images can also be purchased by emailing Campbell, this is useful when purchasing a large amount of photos, in this case an invoice will be emailed.

All images purchased on this website are sold under personal licence, commercial licences can be arranged.


CAR_4930Thomas Randle Sydney Supernight 2, 2021.Thomas Randle Sydney Supernight 2, 2021.

What can you do with the images you purchase:


Can i upload the images i purchase to my personal and team social media pages and websites? Yes
Can i purchase images to give to my sponsors? Yes
Can i print the images i purchase? Yes
I have purchased images for my team can i also give a copy to my teammates/drivers? Yes
Can i send a copy of the images i purchase to an online/printed magazine? No
Can i send a copy of the images i purchase to the category i race in for a story they're writing? Yes - Please contact us before purchasing.
Can i create promotional material (pamphlets, posters, stickers) with the images i purchase? No, please contact us for a commercial licence on the images.


 Images bought from this site cannot be used and sent to media organisations (Magazines, Newspapers, other websites), race categories or distributed in mass or used in a commercial manner, without contacting me first.

A commercial licence may be required depending on what you wish to use our images for, commercial licenses can be purchased by contacting Campbell, [email protected].


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