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WOW what an awesome car meet with more than 500 cars entered. I had no idea so many RX2’s and RX3’s were around. I attended the Sydney Rotors event as a spectator just chilling out on a Saturday night, but how could I not take a camera and tripod with me! This gallery only represents a very small fraction of what was entered, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it. Campbell.
Sydney Rotors - CAR_0121Sydney Rotors - CAR_0148Sydney Rotors - CAR_0178Sydney Rotors - CAR_0190Sydney Rotors - CAR_0196Sydney Rotors - CAR_0198Sydney Rotors - CAR_0237Sydney Rotors - CAR_0243Sydney Rotors - CAR_0250Sydney Rotors - CAR_0256Sydney Rotors - CAR_0258Sydney Rotors - CAR_0265Sydney Rotors - CAR_0312Sydney Rotors - CAR_0316Sydney Rotors - CAR_0341Sydney Rotors - CAR_0347Sydney Rotors - CAR_0349Sydney Rotors - CAR_0351Sydney Rotors - CAR_0364Sydney Rotors - CAR_0387