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The final round of NSW Production Touring Championship. Congratulations to everyone who competed through the season and an extra congratulations to class champions. It has been an honour and a pleasure shooting for my clients in the championship, and i look forward to next years championship and what everyone does over the off season.
If you are planning to upload images to Facebook, i suggest making a copy of your purchase and resizing them to 2048x1365 (100dpi), this can be with many programs including paint, i can also resize them for you, if you send me an email. Campbell.
Aaron Hills - Mazda MPS - CAR_0511Aaron Hills - Mazda MPS - CAR_2615Aaron Hills - Mazda MPS - CAR_3057Aaron Hills - Mazda MPS - CAR_7559Aaron Hills - Mazda MPS - CAR_7584Aaron Hills - Mazda MPS - CAR_8293Aaron Hills - Mazda MPS - CAR_9022Adam Gosling - BMW E46 M3 - CAR_1406EAdam Gosling - BMW E46 M3 - CAR_2659Adam Gosling - BMW E46 M3 - CAR_8442Adam Gosling - BMW E46 M3 - CAR_9049Alexander Holzl - BMW 1M - CAR_0324Alexander Holzl - BMW 1M - CAR_2715Alexander Holzl - BMW 1M - CAR_2838Alexander Holzl - BMW 1M - CAR_2956Alexander Holzl - BMW 1M - CAR_3075Alexander Holzl - BMW 1M - CAR_7542Alexander Holzl - BMW 1M - CAR_7639Alexander Holzl - BMW 1M - CAR_8311Alexander Holzl - BMW 1M - CAR_8320