When ordering 10 images. Please use the select photos option at the top right of the page to select the 10 images you would like to order and click buy. You will then be prompted to select the product = 10 Pack $80. You will be asked to then add the 10 images to the pack. Once added please select add to cart and then view cart or go to cart in the top right of the page to proceed to review and pay for your order by clicking proceed to checkout.

When ordering less than 10 images. This can be done by following the above directions. When asked to choose the product you wish to order scroll down to select digital download. Add to cart, then view cart and proceed to the checkout (this only needs to be done for 1 image). You can also click on the image you like in the gallery and select Digital Download $10 from the right hand side and do this for each image as you look through the gallery. Once you have selected the images you would like to order you can click go to cart, then proceed to checkout.
When ordering more than 10 images. Follow the above and add the discount code 10FOR80 before paying for your order, this applies a 20% discount and allows you to order images from multiple events/galleries.

Unfortunately, the process for ordering 10 photos is very complicated. If you need further help, please email Campbell ([email protected]) or send our page or Campbell a message on Facebook, invoices can be arranged to make things simpler for you.
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